Abdulelah A. Al Jalal | Hattan Ahmad

Digital Artist and Photographer.

Studied Visual Art with specialization in Graphic Design
(2007 to 2011 – Jordan)

There is no limit for my love for art. In fact it’s my life. I live and breathe art. Art to culture, is like the soul to man. A man is incomplete without his soul.

Let your ideas speak for you… let them define you. Don’t let anyone limit the creativity that is inside you. Never let society or tradition limits you, but always try to bring out the best in society and tradition by the power of your ideas.

I don’t only believe in my goals; I have a passion for them. This is what drives me!… I may not be able to express myself well in speech, but my art brings my ideas to life and they speak for me.
This is what I believe. You are welcome to challenge me on this.

I am me.

I am Hattan